If left unprotected, your boat can endure serious damage during the winter months, causing you plenty of expense and headaches when boating season starts. Protect your investment and make sure your boat is winterized. Our complete winterization service not only protects against a possible hard freeze, but also keeps the fuel stabilized and lubricates the internal cylinder walls of the engine.

Winterization Package:
(Includes Chemicals and Labor)

  • Add Fuel Stabilizer to Fuel Tank & Chase with Gasoline
  • Start Boat & Run to Operating Temperature
  • Allow Fuel Stabilizer to Circulate Throughout Fuel System
  • Fog Engine Cylinders with Fogging Oil & Stall Engine
  • Drain Water from Engine Block
  • Drain Water from Exhaust Manifolds
  • Drain Water from Circulation Pump and Hoses
  • Drain Water from Transmission Cooler and Hoses – Some Boats
  • Drain Water from Power Steering Cooler and Hoses – Some Boats
  • Drain Water from Impeller Pump Housing and Hoses – Some Boats
  • Drain Water from Water Trap/Strainer – Some Boats
  • Drain Water from Cool Fuel Cylinder – Some Boats
  • Disconnect Battery Power
  • Place De-Humidifier
  • Install Winterization Tag