We highly recommend the services listed below:

Air Intake Clean Flame Arrestor
Cooling System
  • Impellers – Remove & Replace – Check Water Trap and Hoses for Debris
  • Mercruiser Alpha One – Impeller Located in Lower Unit
Electrical System
  • Alternators – Inspect – Test Voltage – Remove & Replace if Defective
  • Batteries – Inspect – Test Voltage – Remove & Replace if Defective
  • Battery Cables – Inspect – Remove & Replace if Defective
  • Starter Motors – Inspect – Remove & Replace if Defective
  • Starter Slave Solenoid – Inspect – Remove & Replace if Defective
  • V-Belts – Inspect – Tighten – Remove & Replace if Defective
Fuel System
  • Carburetor – Power Tune Carburetor
  • Filters – Change Fuel & Water Separating Fuel Filters
  • Fuel Tank – Add Fuel System Cleaner
Oil Change Regular oil changes will extend the life and performance of your boat’s engine. We recommend changing oil every 50 hours and at the start of each season.

Our signature mobile oil change service includes an AC Delco Oil Filter, up to 5 quarts of Chevron Delo 40w oil and labor for $95.00. Motorcraft oil filters are used on Ford engines. We even supply an oil diaper to make sure no oil spills into the bilge area.

Outdrive Oil We recommend changing the gear oil in the lower unit once a year with Mercruiser Hi-Performance gear lube.
Propeller Restore lost power and correct abnormal vibrations and handling by repairing or replacing your damaged propeller
Propeller Replacement V-Drives and Inboards – $75 LaborSterndrives – $50 LaborPrice includes removing and replacing the propeller only. Repairing the propeller and parts are an additional charge
Tune-Ups Make sure your boat is running efficiently with a minor tune-up. We recommend replacing the spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor and cleaning the fuel system.